My Love for Film

One Thanksgiving I remember my grandfather setting up a camera to record our meal because a family member could not make it. I was only in middle school at this time, and I thought it was strange that we were recording our meal. Years later, I found that recording and was amazed by how emotional I was. I was emotional because watching my family interact made me realize the beauty in human relationships. There was laughter, love, tears, off handed comments. All of that created a beautiful harmony. 

I realized that film has the power to capture everyday life and show you the beauty in it. It forces you to have a unique perspective that shows you the totality of life. 

Since then I have fallen more in love with capturing life through film.

Weddings are a specialty of mine. I learn about the bride and groom personally and have them involved in the planning. My aim is that the video captures the totality of the love they have for each other. Savoring memories is so valuable and gives you the ability to share those memories for a lifetime. 

I aim to capture any life event that you want to savor.

Life is short- fill it with love and document it.